About Brussels

Brussels is the ultimate European city. As the headquarters to the EU (European Union) and NATO it is often referred to as the capital of Europe. It is an international metropolis – a mosaic of languages, cultures, and traditions. Aside from the splendid and varied architectural styles of the city, Brussels also hosts over 80 museums, numerous tourist attractions, a vibrant nightlife, and more restaurants than you could count.

The starting point for any visit to Brussels is the Grand Place which was built as a merchant’s market in the 13th century. It serves as the centre of the city and hosts numerous concerts and festivals. Shopping in the distinctive fashion boutiques, lingering over a delicious lunch in a bistro or a top restaurant, people watching from a street cafe, or
picking up a unique antique on the Sablon - Brussels is a city you can call your own.

  • To learn more about Brussels we invite you to visit the official website of Brussels International
  • Brussels offers a variety of museums, from the smallest to the biggest, from the most classical to the funniest, from the artistically to the scientifically, passing by technology, industry, history, exoticism and even gastronomy!
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